Lund is a small town and you can easily reach all locations on foot. You can walk from the Central Station to the conference venue at the University (LUX building at Sölvegatan) in 10 minutes. 

Transport by bus

If you arrive at the Central station from Copenhagen Airport or Malmoe, you can also take bus no 1 from the bus stop close to the station (Clemenstorget, direction Östra Torn) and get off at the bus stop Sölvegatan, 100 meter from the conference venue. 

– The easiest way to buy the bus ticket is to download Skånetrafiken’s App (available in all possible languages). See more information at . You can download the app from Appstore (Iphone) or Google Play (Android)

– You can also buy your ticket in the machines at the Central Station or pay with your credit card on the bus.

– You can also collect a pre-paid bus ticket at the reception desk.

If you stay at a hotel in the city center, you can walk to the conference venue, past the Cathedral and the park Lundagård, with the main University building, up to the Centre for Languages and Literature and the LUX-building where the conference takes place. It is a ten-minute walk. You can also take bus no 1 (direction Östra Torn) from Botulfsplatsen to the bus stop at Sölvegatan.

Transport by Taxi (taxi stops at Helgonavägen 3)

Taxi Lund +46 46 12 12 12
Taxi Skåne +46 40 330 330

Transport by bike

As will quickly become apparent when you walk around in Lund, the main means of transport is by bike. You can rent a bike at Lundahoj, which have several bikestations across town. You will find them at the Central Station, Stortorget (main square), Mårtenstorget, Bantorget, the University library (UB1), etc. You can use your credit card. For more information, see