Access information


The information below is intended to answer the most common questions about the access to the conference. For further information, please contact

Information about the conference venue

The conference takes place at LUX in Lund. LUX houses several humanities departments, teaching rooms and a library.
– For general information about the LUX buildings, see:
– Maps of the premises are available here (general orientation): and here (floor plans):

We will be using the following rooms:

On the ground floor: C121, C126
On the first floor: B237, B240, B251
On the second floor: B339, B352

The grand auditorium has entrances both on the ground floor and on the split lower level. We recommend wheelchair users to use the split-level entrance.

Wheelchair Access

The venue is fully wheelchair accessible. The ramp for the main entrance is located at the far right of the building, where the front terrace meets street level. The conference rooms are located on the ground floor as well as on the first and second floors. The floors can be accessed by stairs as well as lifts/elevators.

Toilets and changing facilities

Toilets are available on all levels but most are located on the lower level (-1). A more spacious toilet with a shower is also available on the lower level. You can reach the lower level toilets by using the lift or stairs next to C121 (one of the main conference rooms).

A changing table is available on the ground floor of the SOL H-building next to the main conference venue. Please note that we are unable to assist in carrying individuals and that there is no ceiling-mounted (or other) lift available for transfers to the changing table. Contact the reception area for more information (e.g. directions to the SOL H-building).

Assisted hearing

Microphones will be available in all rooms. A hearing loop is available in the three main rooms.

Sign-Language Interpretation

Participants who need a sign-language interpreter (we can only offer ASL/international sign) are kindly asked to indicate this on the registration form by ticking the appropriate box. We also ask you to register as soon as possible so that we can make the necessary arrangements for interpretation.

Visual Assistance

At present tactile paving is only available on the ground floor. Please contact the reception area for assistance regarding the other floors.

Quiet Area

A quiet room will be made available to the conference participants. Use this room if you wish to work or need to step away from the main conference area.

Please note that this conference has not been announced as scent-free.

Getting to and from the venue

Due to the city’s current tram construction, getting through parts of the city centre can be tricky for cane or wheelchair users. Please do not hesitate to get in touch as the conference approaches if you need assistance in finding a wheelchair- or cane-friendly way to get from your hotel to the conference venue.

The Lund city buses have wheelchair access. Simply ask the driver to unfold the ramp. The names of the up-coming stops are indicated on screens in the bus and through a voice message. However, the bus stops have no audio assistance. Please note that you cannot buy tickets on the bus.

Two accessible parking lots are available to the left of the LUX building at the SOL building, just across the street from the LUX building. These are also the best drop-off points as they allow for plenty of space to get in and out.