How to get to Lund

The conference will take place at LUX, Lund University, Sweden.

By plane

The easiest way to reach Lund by air is via Copenhagen International Airport, Kastrup (CPH).  Regular trains (Öresundståg) for Malmö and Lund leave from the airport. You can also fly to Malmö Airport, Sturup (MMX) and from there go by bus to Lund. 

By train

From Copenhagen/Malmö: Regular trains (Öresundståg) leave for Malmö and Lund every twenty minutes. From Copenhagen central station, the trip to Lund takes approximately 60 minutes (15 mins from Malmö).  A single ticket for Lund costs approximately €15 (from Malmö appr. €5). Be careful to buy tickets for the entire journey to Lund before you enter the train, since tickets cannot be bought on the trains. Make also sure that you have your ID /Passport ready to present before you enter the train as borders are controlled between Denmark and Sweden.

From Stockholm: High-speed trains leave for Malmö/Copenhagen a dozen times a day. The trip from Stockholm takes approximately four hours. Tickets can be bought via It is also possible to travel by night train, see for tickets and more information.

From Gothenburg: Trains leave for Malmö/Copenhagen about twenty times a day. Some of them take six hours, while others only take three, so make sure you get the right ticket and get on the right train.

How to get to LUX.

LUX is located near the University Library (UB) in the heart of Lund. It will take you approximately 20 minutes to walk there from the train station.